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Mothers Day Service

Mother's Day

Welcome to our Sunday Service!

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Sunday Service in English
Sunday Service in Spanish

Due to emerging health concerns related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the Mercer County Church of Christ will not be meeting in-person. However, the church will still stay connected via video sermons, live streaming, phone calls and video chatting. It is imperative that we continue to encourage one another through prayer, song and service.

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 

This scripture encourages us to respect and value the body of Christ. 

  • We can’t say we don’t need each other 
  • We have to cater to and value our most vulnerable parts of our body
  • We have to use our gifts, talents, and abilities to be a blessing to others regardless of the circumstances. 

During these next few weeks please stay faithful and fearless, courageous in love and careful (thoughtful) in application. 

  1. Be wise with the information you receive and how much information you consume 
  2. Make basic preparations for you and your family to be home for at least two weeks (with school closings and working from home)
  3. Communicate with other disciples be honest about fears and concerns and pray with and for each other 
  4. Look out for those who you know might need additional support or help. Please let us know if people or situations come to mind. 

Please check back here for updates, video sermons, resources and more. And please subscribe to the Mercer County Church of Christ YouTube page!

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